Jiangsu koren food ingredients co., LTD., to provide you with more potassium hydrogen phosphate、Food grade potassium acetate、Potassium citrate、Potassium chloride and other related information release and the latest information

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New Chloe, planning and design review is held ceremoniously2019/08/09
Compassion for student Warm winter interpreta dream student (Jiangsu koren food more...2019/01/02
Food grade sodium acetate deliquescence related introduction2018/09/25
County lingang industrial food additives and koren company project signing ceremony2018/03/20
Lianyungang city federation of trade unions, led to the jiangsu koren research more food ingredients co., LTD2017/08/10
“To meet the 19th Harbour city corporation”Large-scale photography activities2017/08/10
  Jiangsu koren much food ingredients co., LTD is a production of food grade potassium chloride、Food grade potassium citrate、Potassium hydrogen phosphate、Magnesium phosphate salt、Pyrophosphate、Acetic acid salt、Citric acid salt and iron mineral elements、Zinc、Magnesium、Manganese、Such as copper based a medium-sized private enterprises。 Many koren in jiangsu lianyungang fill cloud development zone in jiangsu province。Covers an area of200Mu,The construction area5Wanm2,Employees more than300People,All kinds of professional and technical personnel70More than one。Koren with scientific production process……
Jiangsu koren much food ingredients co., LTD
Contacts:Ann's manager
The electricity Words:0518-85113007
Hand Machine:18762578806
Mail Box:[email protected]
The ground The address:WeiEr Road fill cloud in lianyungang in jiangsu province economic development zone
Soluble food grade citric acid magnesium
Disodium hydrogen phosphate twelve water
Food grade zinc acetate
Sodium acetate anhydrous
Food grade sodium acetate
Food grade sodium acetate
Anhydrous sodium acetate(Sodium acetate)
Sanshui sodium acetate
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The free services hotline:0518-85113007
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 Technical support:China enterprise cube The phone:0518-85113007

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